by sticktoittint1

It has been a hot and kind of muggy weekend. I wish the clouds would” let go” !
I have applied Auto Window Tint to a couple of vehicles and I also provided some Mobile Auto Window Tinting service this weekend. I had a customer scheduled for two vehicles today and he called me and said he could not make it, he was having problems with his car. I did have another customer come to get new the old window tint stripped off and have new window tint applied to his truck , His old tint was bubbled and purple. I had to point out to the customer that removing the old tint would not make the scratches and the oxidation of the glass go away. This “ghosting” of the door glass is a inherent issue with these older Ford and Chevy trucks. So I just removed the old purple tint. He decided not to tint them again because the glass oxidation was so bad.
Tomorrow I will go to a commercial business and strip old beat up window tint and apply new Commercial Tint to the entrance door.