by sticktoittint1

Yesterday was a bit slow but we used our Mobile Window Tinting Service and applied some specialty Auto Tinting on a Porsche Macan. Today dripping wet from head to toe today stripping some old window tint off a Toyota corolla. There was so much cloud cover it gave me and my steamer a major work out. Detoxification ! After we stripped the old tint off, I had a customer show up for a visor strip on his windshield. I put one on his car last week so today he brought his wife’s car . After the visor strip I returned to complete the new Auto Window Tint on the corolla. After the corolla I had a customer find me on Google Search and he drove all the way from Mesa to me for a Visor strip on his windshield. All a person needs to do is look at my web site and see the Google Reviews and they need to look no longer. The choice is clear, we love to tint !