by sticktoittint1

It was a good day yesterday , I am very happy to be working . We had a customer who saw my Google Reviews and was convinced that my place, is the place he would get his Truck Window Tinting applied. I also gave him a ride back to his home  which was not too far away from my place.
So he was able to get my free Mobile Window Tinting service too.
I had to strip off some old purple window tint and apply some new tint on a Black Dodge 1500. The new Limo tint I applied looked awesome on this black truck. Tomorrow I have a couple of windows to strip and retint . After that I will go mobile and do a Commercial Estimate on a dental clinic in Chandler. We certainly will have plenty of time available for any window tinting after the Commercial Tint estimate. It is still gonna be hot for a few more weeks so take advantage of my low low prices!