by sticktoittint1

It was a full day of applying window tint.  I went to a friends garage with my Mobile Window Tinting service and applied window tint to several vehicles. There was a good variety of tinting to do.  The first car I applied Auto Tint to was a classic 1971 Z28. Very nice restoration on this car. The Tint I applied was the top of the line CXP by Suntek, in fact that is all I used today was the highest quality product I have to offer on all of these vehicles. After the Z28 Window Tinting I applied Window Tint to the two front doors of an SUV. I also applied a windshield visor tint strip on this SUV. After I Tinted the SUV I applied a Windshield Tint Strip on a Toyota truck. After the Toyota I stripped the Back window tint on a Mitsubishi and I applied new carbon XP window tint. Tomorrow I will strip and re tint a Chevy Impala. We are very happy to be working and Window Tinting !