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Well I finally got some window tinting work to do last night. I had a customer come for Mobile Car Window Tinting at about 6:30 pm. She brought her KIA to my place ,she had no garage so I gave her a ride back to her place in my car then I went back and picked her up after I applied the Auto Tint to her car.
I made a few changes to my Ad Words advertising on Google, as it seems like they are never ending changes I must go through. I hope I get more real opportunity for work- I am probably one of the best Window Tinters in town if not the best Window Tinter in Phoenix, so my advertiser needs to RECOGNIZE , and stop treating me like a second hand store ! There are so many nice things that I do for my customers that my competitors cant even hold a candle to. Like a complimentary ride too and from their car before and after Tinting, free air fresheners for a Complete Car Window Tinting and a free can of Glass cleaner- Hey competitor, You can’t touch this !
I need more work !


Wasted more of my hard earned money again on Google Ad Words. Joke is on me once again !
I think I got one call for a tinting estimate and all of the other calls were pesky sale people trying to sell me something ! I had about 10 of those calls today ! LAME !!! No tint work today and nothing scheduled for future work ! WHERE IS MY ADVERTISING MONEY GOING ??????
I’d say out the window !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I NEED WORK and REAL OPPORTUNITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GET IT TOGETHER AD WORDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I did some Mobile Window Tinting. My first customer I went to his place and applied some limo carbon Window Tint to his front windshield for a visor strip. He had another car for me to do but his alarm was mounted on the windshield . I told him we need to remove the alarm temporarily so I could do a professional job with the Visor Tint, so he will get some double stick tape to re mount it before we remove it to apply the tint.
My next customer came to me with his Lincoln MKX for full window tinting.
I gave him a ride back to his place in my car. After I completed the Window Tint installation I went back to his place and brought him back to his newly tinted new car. Two more happily satisfied customers !
Happy Labor day to everyone ,and by the way we are open on Labor day to do some Window Tinting Labor !

Today I stripped and re tinted a back window on a BMW. It had purple bubbled window tint. I am now available for any window tinting. I got a couple of text messages through a exchange telephone number that I did not authorize Google Ad Words to use. The text messages turned out to be BS texts, no one scheduled and they both bombarded me with questions.
We are open all weekend and available for some serious calls for window tinting, Auto, Home or Business Tinting available !

Yesterday was a great day of specialty Auto Window Tinting. Tomorrow we have a BMW coming for back glass Window Tint Stripping. It should be hot enough outside to do this job. Then we have a open schedule for any other window tinting .

Yesterday I stripped some old scratched purple Commercial Window Tinting on two office entrance doors at the Phoenix Arizona State Fair grounds. The old purple tint was baked on the glass from South and West sun exposure for many years. Stripping the old Commercial Tint was a long process.
Applying the new tint gave greater protection from the sun and heat.
Tomorrow I am supposed to have a Mercedes SUV come for some Mobile Window Tinting. Next week will have hot temperatures again all week, and we are ready to help you out with some cool soothing heat resistant window tint.
We live for, and LOVE to apply window tint !

The phone rang a few more times today than it did yesterday. I will take what I can get if its gonna be like that. Yesterday I had a customer leave his truck for some Truck Tinting. I don’t cut corners on the installation ( no pun intended ), so I remove all of the sliding back window hardware and clasp and I also remove the extended cab window hardware. That allows me to cut “through holes” in the Window Tint for a professional quality installation. I heat the applied Window Tint before re installing the window hardware. This process takes time and patience but it is the right way to do Auto Window Tinting if your a pro.
I have an open schedule tomorrow and Friday and plenty of time available this weekend for any window tinting. Come one, come all to the best tint man in town !

NEED WORK !!! Ad Words is once again falling on its face !!!!
Open and available ALL WEEK FOR ANY POSSIBILITIES OF window tinting !

Yesterday I applied some Auto Window Tint on a newer Honda Civic .
I also Had a customer show up that had a Toyota Avalon that needed a Piece of Auto Tint applied to the drivers door. This was a customer who manages the Italian Restaurant in Phoenix. I stripped and re tinted the entrance door on his restaurant about 5 months ago. After the Toyota drivers door window tinting I had another repeat customer come with a different car for some back door Window Tinting on his new/used Nissan Maxima. I applied tint to both the back doors. Today I applied specialty Auto Window Tint to a Honda CRV. After the Honda Window Tinting I had another customer come for Mobile Auto Window Tinting with the specialty Auto Window tint. I gave him a ride back to his place in north Phoenix and picked him up after I applied the specialty tint to his new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The first customer today brought his Toyota truck to me for me to tint for him tomorrow. I have the whole week open for any window tinting . Ad words was VERY weak today maybe one call for tinting -bogus for the money I am spending with them !
GET IT TOGETHER GOOGLE AD WORDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did everything they said I should do and I get one call today ,LAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minimal opportunity with all the money I spend on Google Ad Words does not bring me work . I NEED BETTER OPPORTUNITY FOR MY MONEY SPENT !!!!!
Lets get it together Ad Words !!!!! I NEED WORK !!!