Stick To It Window Tinting

by sticktoittint1

It has been short in this week but there has been a lot accomplished with our Window Tinting business. In just the past 2 days we have done two vehicles for Commercial Vehicle Window Tinting. We tinted a four door Chevy Truck and a Eco Ford Explorer. We did some repeat customer Window Tinting on a Black Toyota Camry. We also applied tint to a new Ford F150 with Specialty Window Film. We also have had the experience of Shroud removal on another VW GTI that we did Complete stripping and retinting this week. We squeezed in a Car Window Tint on an Infinity M35x. We also applied some White Matte/Frost window tinting at Dell Web Fitness Center for privacy. Tomorrow I will Tint a New Honda CRV, with more pictures to follow.