Stick To It Window Tinting

by sticktoittint1

Over the last weekend I spent a lot of time stripping old baked on Commercial Window Tint from a north Phoenix Dentists office. After I stripped all of the old tint off I applied new Commercial window tint. This job I spent all weekend working on and it went into Monday of this week. Tuesday I did some Mobile Window Tinting for a customer who received a Ticket for Illegal front door window tint on his Honda Pilot. Today I applied some Auto Window Tint to a Dodge Dakota Truck. I did the back glass the doors and even a visor strip for this customer, I also had a no show and no call from a irresponsible person. Tomorrow I will do more Mobile Auto Window Tinting and more Car Window Tinting. I also included some pictures in this post of some Commercial Window Tint trading with Omni Dermatology. One of the pictures is what a blown window seal on a dual pane looks like.