Stick To It Window Tinting

by sticktoittint1

We worked almost every day this week leading up to Christmas. We did several window tinting applications to cars and Jeeps as well as Specialty Window Tinting on a Jeep and a Truck. We provided Mobile Service Window Tinting to a couple of customers . We also did some Commercial Window Tinting warranty work for Suntek our Window Film Distributor because the original window tinting company would not go back and Honor there work, but the film distributor Suntek called on me because they knew I would Honor the warranty for them and fix the issue. Just goes to show you sometimes you just cant trust my competitors, but you can certainly trust us ! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I will do some Mobile Window Tinting and I will sell a Gift Certificate for Auto Window Tinting. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my past , present and Future Window Tinting customers, friends and family.