Stick To It Window Tinting

by sticktoittint1

I contacted a company called Wordstream, they provided me with some free information to help me get my advertising out of the gutter. Thank goodness for them. This week I stripped new car window tint off a Mustang and applied new darker specialty window tinting, and this customer was very happy. I also stripped some old purple truck window tint from a Nissan and I applied new Window Tint. Another happy customer ! Today I got the pleasure of applying Specialty Car Window Tint to a new Audi A7 Sport back. Things are getting better. I am happy to be working ! Tomorrow I will go to a house that I did some white frost Home Window Tinting for last week and I will apply some more white frost tinting on a bathroom window. After the Home Window Tinting I have a Commercial Window Tinting estimate to do in central Phoenix. Then I will have a return customer come for a Windshield Visor Tint strip. I will also have a customer come to purchase a Gift Certificate for their relative as a Christmas Gift. Thank you Ryan at Wordstream !