Stick To It Window Tinting

by sticktoittint1

Yesterday was a better day than I have had in several days due to my weak advertising medium. I stripped off some peeling window tint on drivers door for a customer and re applied some new Auto Window Tint.After. Surprising me with another job I had a customer come to me with a Toyota Tacoma who had some static cling window covering on the doors of this truck. The static cling had been on the windows for so long it had bonded itself to the glass. After stripping off the static cling I re applied new Auto Window Tint to all of the windows. Today I had a customer scheduled for Car Window Tinting and they flaked on me. No call no show, a person with no personal integrity.
Tomorrow I will strip new dealer Car Window Tint off a new mustang and I will apply some specialty window tint that is darker than the dealer tint.
We could certainly use more opportunity for work. I am getting robbed daily from my advertiser!