Stick To It Window Tinting

by sticktoittint1

The day before Yesterday I did some Auto Window Tinting on a Jeep for the two front doors, and we applied some Car Window Tint on a drivers side back door glass. Yesterday we applied Car Window Tint on a older Honda Accord and we also applied Auto Window Tint on a back door glass of a Honda Civic. Our weak Adwords Advertising got us one phone call today for a potential job in Queen Creek , what a joke considering our Business location is in Phoenix. Tomorrow we are supposed to use our Mobile Window Tinting Service to apply Auto Window Tint on a Mercury. We need more opportunity for Window Tinting. If we don’t see some better opportunity starting to come from Adwords I will stop advertising with them all together and we will try using Face Book and Yelp as our main advertisers!
Adwords thinks they are the only advertising medium out there.
Time for us to smarten up !