Stick To It Window Tinting

by sticktoittint1

Late this morning we had a customer call for my Mobile Window Tinting .
When he showed up with his car I noticed he already had some old severely faded Auto Window Tint on his car. It is not recommended to put new window tint over old window tint. I spent a few hours stripping this old faded window tint off his car. If you look at the pictures I have posted you will see the perimeter of the old piece of tint and how dark it once was. After the stripping I applied some new metal window tint to his vehicle. When I finished I returned to his place to pick him up and bring him back to his newly Tinted Auto. Tomorrow I was supposed to strip another vehicle of old tint but the customer called and rescheduled for Sunday morning. This gives me an open schedule Saturday for any potential window tinting operations !