by sticktoittint1

The last two days have been slow, but I am confident things will again pick up.
Today I did a Home Window Tinting Estimate close to my place. Then I went to a commercial Italian restaurant very close to my place and measured some windows for window Tint stripping and replacing with newer better looking Bronze window film . I told the owner that it is all about the ambiance and he was in very much agreement with me and what I thought would be nicer for his clientele and his establishment. I measured the glass and I will provide him with a fair bid for doing the window tinting work. I love having the opportunity to beautify a customers Business Store Front or beautify their Auto mobile Window Tint. It is very rewarding to see the changes.
Today I also stripped some old window tint from a drivers door on a Nissan and replaced it with new Window tint, while my customer waited in my Air Conditioned Garage while I did the tint work. Another happily satisfied customer !