by sticktoittint1

Well it just goes to show you , you can’t please all of the people all of the time!
I had a potential customer put a bad review up about me, and he also thought he was funny, he was not. Everyone is realizing the heat is starting to build up and I think a few people are freaking out and going a little bit crazy about getting prepared for the heat. Some people want there car tinted RIGHT NOW, but I know that my competitors are busy and I have been pretty busy too. I have done a mixture of Auto Tint Stripping and reapplying new tint as well as a few commercial window tinting jobs. I am not in any way complaining but I just can not get to everyone. Setting an appointment for tint is the way to go ! You can guarantee we wont change the appointment, we will wait on you !!!
My history of satisfied customers will always be the true underlying theme !
We aim to please and we enjoy our customer interaction !