by sticktoittint1

My computer has a virus so I am getting it fixed. I haven’t had the opportunity to write/blog about my business too often because of this problem. I should have it back soon ! It has been a great week and a great weekend for Window Tinting. This week I had the opportunity to use my Mobile Window Tinting service to apply some Commercial  Window film for Cox Solutions. I also did some Car Window Tinting on a couple of vehicles this week . I applied Window Tint to a Dodge Truck and also a Toyota Truck. I love Truck Window Tinting. For the dodge Window Tint I removed the hardware that holds the back extended cab glass and I cut a “through Hole” in the Window Tint for the hardware to be reattached. That is not only the nice way but it is the best way to achieve the most professional appearance. Today used my Mobile Auto Window Tinting service to go and apply Car Window Tint to a new VW Passot. These VW’s have extremely close tolerances for the Window Tint application to the back window. These cars require a Window Tinter with extreme knowledge and skill. Remember, Window Tint makes the best Christmas Present you could give to yourself or your loved one !
The gift that keeps giving (Protection) for years and years !